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who is nelly grosjean?

Landing in the magic potion of naturopathy and essential oils at an early age, this heiress to a long family tradition in holistic health has over forty years' experience in the field of natural health. She is a major figure in the world of essential oils, and one of the pioneers of their widespread use.

for many years now, with her legendary dynamism and generosity, nelly has been spreading her love of plants through various initiatives.

she founded a museum of aromas and perfumes in Provence, a magical place that delights tens of thousands of visitors every year.

In Switzerland, she created an eco-location offering courses, cures and seminars. In Japan, she initiated the Tokyo School of Natural Aromatherapy.

Since 1992, it has been planting trees on all five continents and working to save the planet.


in 2020, the nelly grosjean foundation was inaugurated, with the aim of helping children and reducing famine, participating in humanitarian foundations, and regaining freedom and sovereignty for human beings.

author of more than thirty books on the proper use of essential oils and healthy eating, she donates her royalties and a portion of her profits to various foundations.

nelly is for all those who respect life, here and now, and want to savor and defend the irreplaceable wisdom of living in harmony with themselves and others.

making love bubbles and loving the planet is her new motto.
Smiles and gratitude. Many, many thanks to life!


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