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why this foundation?

why did i want to set up a humanitarian foundation? 

For over thirty years, I've been planting trees, helping foundations and children, donating my royalties and a percentage of the profits from my aromatic products to associations. I've done it, alone in my own space, but today I'm putting my reputation as a specialist in aromatherapy and a highly acclaimed holistic therapist to good use, to widen the field of possibilities, to expand our actions and to unite all those who, like me, have the same goals and desire to help others, ethically and with love.

the aim of the fondation nelly grosjean

heart to heart with those in need.

so that together, with my commitment and your participation, we can help children who have been abandoned, left to fend for themselves, tortured or abused...

so that we can green, clean and love the planet by planting trees and bamboos.

so that we can give back our place and love, and thank nature for its abundance. Saving forests is a priority.

recover positive energy on planet Earth.


our intention, our imagination, our thought, our gift, our deeds, our smiles, our wave of benevolence translated into action create bubbles of love, balls of light, positive spaces...

Why? For whom? For whom?

... to help and participate in saving the planet, to oxygenate and green nature, to protect all living species, mineral, vegetable, animal and human, planetary and beyond...

... to clean up ocean waters using quantum physics...

... to offer smiles, to realize sovereignty and inner freedom (conscious breathing, oxygenation, positivism),

... to reduce world hunger (sprouted seeds and fruit trees),

... to green and oxygenate the planet (planting trees and food gardens)


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